August 23 - September 16, 2018 | Theodore and Adele Shank Theatre

By Noah Haidle | Directed by Andrew Oswald & Francis Gercke

Backyard Renaissance Theatre Company, as a part of the La Jolla Playhouse Resident Theatre Program, presents the San Diego premiere of Smokefall.

“…a rare and poignant play…” – Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Change is in the air as Violet prepares to bring twin boys into the world. Inside her womb, her unborn sons contemplate their future, while the world around her is in transformation: her husband is secretly planning to leave her, her father is slipping into senility and her daughter has taken a vow of silence. Haunting and slyly funny, Smokefall explores the lives of this family in a lyrical treatise on the fragility of life and the power of love.

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Photo credit: Francis Gercke, Jessica John, Fedra Ramirez Olivares and Antonio T.J. Johnson in Smokefall; photo by Daren Scott.

Venue Info

Theodore and Adele Shank Theatre

The Shank Theatre is a 98-seat theatre adjacent to the Mandell Weiss Forum theatre.

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2023 September
2023 October
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