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POP Tour

POP Tour 2022

By Cheryl L. West
Directed by Maria Patrice Amon

The fifth grade talent show is approaching, and everyone is abuzz at Baldwin Elementary. Winston wants to win the talent show with his cheerleading routine to prove to others that he’s more than the unfriendly “Fishboy” nickname they call him. Introverted artist Gina wants nothing to do with the talent show, and she knows that the overzealous (and generally unpleasant) twin sensations, Randy and Brandy, are probably going to win it all anyway. But with the persistence of Elliott, the school’s new kid and resident rebel, these unlikely friends form Hoopla, a dazzling hula hooping trio, and help each other navigate through the pressures of being a kid.

Touring San Diego Schools February 2 – March 31, 2022

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POP Tour 2021

By Idris Goodwin
Directed by Jacole Kitchen

We are pleased to be able to offer our 2021 Performance Outreach Program (POP) Tour, Pick Me Last, in a virtual format for all Elementary Schools for FREE!

One of La Jolla Playhouse’s signature Education programs, the Performance Outreach Program (POP) Tour, is an annual world-premiere, Playhouse-commissioned production that brings the magic of theatre to San Diego classrooms. Launched in 1987, the POP Tour can be accessed by schools, libraries and community centers. Prior to each performance, a Playhouse teaching artist visits each school, either in person or virtually, to engage students in an interactive workshop that explores issues and themes at the core of the play. The Playhouse also provides schools with an interactive standards-based engagement guide that enables educators to integrate the play into their curriculum, including exciting interviews with the cast and the creative team. Ideal for students in grades 3 – 6.

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Virtual Performance Experiences for High School Students

The following recorded performances from our Digital WOW series are a great way for high school-age students to enjoy theatre. Plus, they’re all FREE!

The Society of Wonder
The Totally Fake Latino News with Culture Clash
Walks of Life
You Are Here

Student Matinees

The Playhouse offers special student matinees of selected mainstage productions throughout the school year. Study guides, pre-performance workshops and post-show talkbacks are available to prepare students for these productions. Staff development workshops are also offered to teachers prior to their school’s participation in the student matinee.

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021, 10:30 am (arrival by 10:00 am)
to the yellow house
By Kimber Lee
Directed by Neel Keller

Show Description:
February 1886. Vincent van Gogh is broke again. Trailing past-due notices and annoyed innkeepers, he arrives unexpectedly at his brother’s doorstep in Montmartre determined to make another fresh start. Caught in the colorful whirl of the Parisian art scene, he drinks too much, falls in love with the wrong woman, argues with everyone – and paints. Night and day he works to translate what he feels onto the canvas, relentlessly chasing a new form of expression that seems to be always around the next corner. But at what point in an endless cycle of failures do faith and persistence become delusion and foolishness? A meditation on love, art and not being popular. This performance is recommended for High School Aged Students.

Submissions for the to the yellow house matinee are now closed. We will be notifying all schools of acceptance by October 20, 2021.

Thursday, April 14th, 2022, 10:30 am (arrival by 10:00 am)
Bhangin’ It
Book By Mike Lew and Rehana Lew Mirza
Music and Lyrics by Sam Willmott
Additional Music by Deep Singh
Choreography by Rujuta Vaidya
Directed by Amy Anders Corcoran

Show Description:
Winner of the Richard Rodgers Award, Bhangin’ It is an exhilarating new musical that celebrates the traditions we inherit from yesterday and those we create for tomorrow. When a young woman finds her identity cannot be defined by checking a box, she sets off on a quest to dance to her own beat. Drawing from competitive Bhangra and mixing it with other Indian and Western dance forms alike, Bhangin’ It is a brash, intoxicating and joyous musical for America today. This performance is recommended for High School Aged Students.

To learn more about the requirements for the student matinee program and to apply for tickets to Bhangin’ It, please CLICK HERE.

Banner photo credit: (L-R) Shaun Tuazon, Jyl Kaneshiro and Rachael VanWormer in La Jolla Playhouse’s 2017 Performance Outreach Program (POP) Tour production of #SuperShinySara; photo by Jamie Lytle.

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