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Without Walls (WOW)

The Playhouse’s Without Walls (WOW) program is a dizzying array of interactive and site-inspired theatre that attracts energetic art lovers, thrill seekers and families. Full of diverse offerings, WOW shows have one thing in common – they are an invitation to rethink theatre in intriguing and playful experiences.

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DNA New Work Series

Through the DNA Series, playwrights and directors are invited to use the Playhouse’s rehearsal space, staff and resources for several days (or weeks) of intensive work to develop their new project. The development process culminates in series of free, intimate readings and workshops open to Playhouse audiences.

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Page To Stage

Page To Stage is La Jolla Playhouse’s signature new play development program in which audiences experience the “birth” of a play. Throughout the rehearsal and run of the show, the playwright and director make constant changes in response to audience reactions and feedback.

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Artists Under Commission

The La Jolla Playhouse team is passionate about creating a place where new American plays and musicals come to life. To this end, the Playhouse runs a robust commissioning program that provides both emerging and established playwrights resources to draft a new play.

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The Playhouse has established ongoing relationships with artists from all fields – playwrights, directors, designers and actors – who continue to call the Playhouse their artistic home. The Playhouse fosters and deepens these relationships by offering individual artists and theatre companies on-site residences.

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POP Tour

The Performance Outreach Program (POP) Tour is an annual Playhouse-commissioned production that brings the magic of theatre to San Diego classrooms. Launched in 1987, the POP Tour travels throughout the county to schools, libraries and community centers. Prior to each performance, a Playhouse teaching artist visits each school to engage students in an interactive workshop that explores issues and themes at the core of the play. The Playhouse also provides schools with a standards-based engagement guide that enables educators to integrate the play into their curriculum. After each performance, the cast and crew conduct a question and answer session with the audience.

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Photo credit: Keith A. Wallace, creator and performer of La Jolla Playhouse’s Without Walls (WoW) presentation of The Bitter Game; photo by Jim Carmody.

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