Our Summer 2023 Internship Applications closed on Friday March 17. If you have a question about an application that has already been submitted or would like to rescind your application, please email [email protected]:

SUMMER 2023 Important Dates:

  • APPLICATION WINDOW: January 23 – March 17
  • REVIEW WINDOW: March 20 – April 15
  • NOTIFICATION WEEK: All Applicants Notified by April 22
  • INTERN TIME FRAME: June 13 – August 12

The La Jolla Playhouse Internship Program is open to all developing artists and professionals. If you are a high school student interested in becoming involved at La Jolla Playhouse, please consider learning more about our Teen Council.

Applications for our Academic Year Internship opportunity will open June 5, 2023. To be first notified of application release and to learn more about our internship program, sign up HERE.

Academic Year 2023/24 Important Dates:

  • APPLICATION WINDOW: June 5 – July 28
  • REVIEW WINDOW: July 31 – August 25
  • NOTIFICATION WEEK: All Applicants Notified by August 25
  • INTERN TIME FRAME: Sep 19 – May 19

Internship Program Overview

La Jolla Playhouse is a place where artists and audiences come together to create what’s new and next in the American theatre, from Tony Award-winning productions, to imaginative programs for young audiences, to interactive experiences outside our theatre walls. We offer internships, in all artistic and administrative departments, for developing professionals to gain industry experience by learning side-by-side with extraordinary artists, administrators and technicians. Join a group of people who value creativity, collaboration and innovation while developing plays and musicals that impact people across the globe. Enjoy Playhouse performances, make valuable connections and hone skills that will benefit you in your chosen career.

La Jolla Playhouse internships are paid opportunities that take place at the Playhouse theatre campus located at University of California, San Diego. Internships are available year-round and touch every aspect of this exciting and fun business. If you believe La Jolla Playhouse is the right match for you, please submit an application online during one of our application windows.

What You’ll Gain:

Experience | La Jolla Playhouse offers a hands-on, immersive internship that will provide you with learning experiences, opportunities to develop professional skills, observe live processes and performance, and give you an inside look at career pathways in theatre.

Rehearse | During your internship at La Jolla Playhouse, you will form professional relationships that will expand pathways in your chosen field and beyond. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing a holistic, learning experience which includes working to ensure your individual goals are addressed and connecting you with the professionals and resources that will best benefit your specific goals.

Develop | You will have many opportunities to reach your learning goals by participating and contributing towards projects and processes here at La Jolla Playhouse. We commit to providing a nurturing yet challenging experience for you to develop skills through hands-on learning and observation. By the end of your internship, you will have a deeper understanding of the day to day functioning and mission of non-profit theatre.

Play | We invite you as an intern to play with us – to create, ask questions, speak loudly, advocate, grow, laugh, and learn with us through opportunities to connect at playhouse functions, ticketing opportunities in our theatre and within the community, and social events with the other interns in your cohort. Play is a fundamental value at the Playhouse. We laugh, collaborate, support, and create together as an institution. We believe we cannot create the new and the next in theatre without valuing our relationships with each other, and developing reciprocal relationships with our community.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Commitment to work up to 30 hours a week during the summer, fall, or spring sessions.
  • College students and individuals who are looking to make a career change working in the arts
  • Individuals with a passion for the arts
  • Individuals who envision themselves or are curious about careers in the arts
  • Individuals with a growth mindset, who seek to learn through challenging themselves
  • Individuals who can take risks, and equally learn from mistakes


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m applying for multiple departments on my internship application- who should I write my cover letter to?
A: If you are applying to be considered for multiple internships within your application, feel free to address your cover letter to ” LJP Learning and Engagement”. If you are looking to apply with only one department in mind, we recommend taking a moment to look at the staff listing on our website and address your cover letter to director of the department.

Q: I see the Playhouse Internship Program is a paid program – exactly how much does an LJP Internship pay?
A: All interns at LJP are paid per city of San Diego minimum wage. Please check HERE for current rate.

Q: How many hours a week can I work, and what will I be doing during my time with LJP?
A: The number of hours, your schedule, and your educational goals will be decided between your intern supervisor and you. For Academic Year 2023, the number of hours per week will never exceed 20 hours, but we ask you be available to work at least 10 hours per week, a minimum of 25 weeks out of the intern timeframe. Weekly educational intern seminars with LJP Staff members will be built into your daily schedule and are considered mandatory to attend.

Q: I don’t live in San Diego, is there housing available through LJP?
A: We are unable to offer housing accommodations at this time.

Q: I see you offer internships within the production department, but are there internships within the production shops – like costumes or props – available?
A: We currently do not offer internships within production shops, but other opportunities may be available. Please email LJP Learning and Engagement at [email protected] to learn more.

Internships are available in the following departments:


La Jolla Playhouse Artistic Interns with a strong theatre background will benefit from exploring the day-to-day operations of an artistic department through administrative practice, rehearsal observation, and hands-on learning. By utilizing excellent computer, writing and organizational skills, they will be guided by Artistic staff to learn the process of casting shows, new play/musical development and artistic administration. Other duties may include assisting the Artistic staff in a new play workshop, reading and evaluation of scripts, dramaturgical research, and ongoing organization and maintenance of the Playhouse library.

Company Management

A Company Management intern will engage in a high-energy department committed to the care of out of town and local artists. Interns in the Company Management department will gain hands-on experience with: coordinating transportation and housing for visiting artists, maintaining company owned housing units and vehicles, planning and executing special company events, and assisting artists with hospitality needs by serving as a liaison between La Jolla Playhouse and visiting artists. Company Management interns will meet and interact with staff from all departments at La Jolla Playhouse and a variety of professional artists. Interns who have an interest in the administrative side of theatre will enjoy refining their written and verbal communication, problem-solving and organizational skills. Company Management interns schedules vary and include evenings and weekends, to experience all stages of the production process. The Company Management department works closely with the General Management department and interns will be cross-trained in both areas.

Learning and Engagement

A Learning and Engagement intern will be immersed in the daily operations of a vibrant, collaborative department and gain knowledge and experience in working with members of our extended San Diego community, including students and educators (K-12 and at the college/university level), military/veterans, adult learners, incarcerated youth and other community groups to whom the arts are less accessible. Through hands-on administrative experience, this position will gain knowledge of and provide support for: curriculum development, teacher professional learning, our Performance Outreach Project (POP) Tour for kids, student matinee, in school programs, community engagement, summer programs for youth, and adult classes. This position will also interact with and learn from our Teen Council and our Playhouse Leadership Council. A strong candidate will have passion for equitable arts access, collaborating on a team, and a spirit of creativity.

Marketing, Communications, Public Relations

La Jolla Playhouse Communications interns have the opportunity to be closely involved in the inclusive workings of a world-renowned theatre’s communications department by learning the building blocks of marketing campaigns, participating in weekly department meetings, completing special projects that contribute to the team’s goals and objectives and representing La Jolla Playhouse at community events. A communications intern is a creative, self-motivated, collaborative individual who is passionate about gaining a deeper understanding of communications, marketing, advertising, and or public relations in the performing arts. This opportunity is a terrific chance to interact with and be mentored by seasoned professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of sales and marketing, public relations, institutional communications, multi-media design, social media and the performing arts. A strong candidate will have excellent written and verbal communication skills, experience with Microsoft Suite and Google Suite and a working knowledge of major social media platforms.

Philanthropy + Special Events

A La Jolla Playhouse Philanthropy Intern can expect to increase their understanding of how to conduct a fundraising campaign, gain familiarity with special events, institutional marketing and public relations, as well as what resources different people – staff, artists, trustees, volunteers, audiences and the larger community – contribute to make not-for-profit arts organizations successful. They will assist with fundraising mailings, prospect research, impact reports, data entry and filing. This position will also help support and staff special events. A strong candidate will have an interest in theatre/arts administration and/or fundraising, enjoy writing, meeting people and creating new relationships, is open to learning new systems, is a friendly and positive communicator, quick to adapt to new circumstances and cares about diversity within the arts.

Production Management

Production Management Interns will be exposed to the production process of a show from beginning to end. Throughout the course of their experience they will gain a strong understanding of all aspects of Production Management including design process, production process, rehearsal, tech and preview process, budgeting, scheduling, contracting, personnel management, time management, safety management and risk assessments. Production Management Interns will work with La Jolla Playhouse staff, Directors, Stage Managers, Designers, Actors, and Technicians and gain a deeper understanding of how these roles intersect in a not for profit regional theater. Further administrative learning opportunities include data entry, office correspondence, filing, and troubleshooting. A successful candidate will have a strong interest in Stage Management or Production Management.

Stage Management

Stage Management Interns will engage directly with professional union Stage Managers, Assistant Stage Managers, and non-union Production Assistants and University of California San Diego Stage Management Residents to learn about all aspects of the career path. Throughout the course of their experience they will gain a strong understanding of all aspects of Stage Management including running rehearsals, tech, and previews as well as running the show once it is open. An ideal Stage Management Intern has a strong interest in learning about all aspects of the Stage Management field.

General Management

A General Management intern is engaged with La Jolla Playhouse projects from high-level strategy to the nuts and bolts implementation. General Management interns will gain knowledge and skills in contracting, budgeting, interpreting and utilizing collective bargaining agreements, artist/agent relations, external business communications, union relations and human resources. Interns who have an interest in arts administration, business management or finance will leave their internship comfortable with negotiating and drafting union agreements and reports with refined administrative and communication skills. The General Management department works closely with the Company Management department and interns will be cross-trained in both areas.

Special Events

A special events intern will engage in coordinating special events and gain knowledge in the administrative and planning processes in our active special events team, which is a part of our Philanthropy Department. You can expect to engage in a high variety of opportunities including assisting with preparation, setup and breakdown of events both small and large; data entry, facilitating mailings, cultivating vendor relationships, researching new partnerships, and organizing event materials. Through hands-on experiences, you will further develop communication skills and have multiple opportunities for learning to respond flexibly and responsibly to deadlines. The special events intern will have the opportunity to engage with Playhouse staff, board, patrons, and artists. Interns will grow multi-tasking skills in a fast-paced, and exciting environment. This internship is recommended for those who enjoy theater and are interested in event coordination in any business sector, and for those interested in philanthropy, fundraising, and project management in the non-profit arts world.

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