Get Involved

Become a Playhouse Partner

Playhouse Partners donate their time, service and skills to support and promote the Playhouse. This active, friendly group provides many ways to become involved at the Playhouse.

Choose to help with the Partners activities that interest you most:

  • Staffing the information desk and Playhouse gift shop before, during and after performances
  • Organizing tech dinners and company breakfasts for cast and crew of Playhouse productions
  • Giving backstage tours
  • Providing audio description for visually impaired patrons
  • Assisting Playhouse administrative staff with essential tasks
  • Attending Partners’ parties and social activities
  • Provide assistance to Front of House during performances

Becoming a playhouse partner will enrich your life in many ways:

  • Represent one of the foremost regional theatres in the country
  • Make new friends
  • Learn more about the backstage world of theatre
  • See Playhouse productions (when available in conjunction with volunteer activities)
  • Attend dress rehearsals of Playhouse productions (at director’s discretion)
  • Attend sunset chats to get information about the shows

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2017-2018 Playhouse Partners


Gregg Brandalise and Sharon Weremiuk

Jean Feinstein

Linda Kennedy

Tina Dyer


Chair, Jim Scott

Co-Chairs, Susan Gembrowski and Jennette Pyne

Chair, Tina Dyer

Chair, Suzie Pirtle

Chair, Debbie Gonzales

Cookies & Cards
Chair, Barbara Dunn

Co-Chairs Carmen Mannarino and Victoria Bykova

Chair, Judy Schreiber

Chair, Andrew Boyd

Co-Chairs, Cathy Glaser and Shirley Siewert

Chair, Megan Walker

Chair, Joan Gass

All Playhouse Partners

List as of June, 2017

Susan Algert
Ellen Arcadi
Penny Arenson
Lisa Arredondo
Betty Ashe
Mernie Aste
Jan Ault
Nancy Bach
Nancy Back
Mary Bajza
Rex Baker
Jeanne Barnabe
Laurielynn Barnett
Lilia Barr
Paul Barr
Christine Barton
Kathy Basquil
Barbara Bear
Brenda Beckett
Mary Lou Bednasek
Maurine Beinbrink
Jack Berdy
Tuktuki Bhattacharya
Sue Bosch-Swift
Shelley Lee Boyce
Andrew Boyd
Richard Bradshaw
Sabine Bradshaw
Gregg Brandalise
Nance Brisbois
Victoria Bykova
Patricia Case
Nancy Casper
Janet Caulk
Joanne Cesena
Eric Cohen
Jennifer Cohen
Scott Colangelo
Karen Coleman
William Coltellaro
Art Cooley
Irene Cooper
Loretta Costa
Paula Couvrette
Linda Cronquist
Madir Cuddy
Alison DaRosa
Roxanne Davis
Gretchen Donndelinger
Shelley Druskin
Diane Dudek
Barbara J. Dunn
Christina (Tina) Dyer
Sara Ellis
Taylor Emerick
Verona Endrizzi
Olga Fabrick
Myrna Farkas
Pierrette Featherby
Jean Feinstein
Earl Feldman
Caitlin Finch
Judy Fisher
Jeanie Fiskin
Patricia Fitzmorris
Peggy Fleury
Gladys Fontes
Beatrice Friedman
Joan Gass
Diane Geary
J. Paul Geary
Susan Gembrowski
Lisa Gerardo
Bob Glaser
Cathy Glaser
Emilia Glezer
Charles Glidden
Elaine Gliner
Debra Gonzales
Devon Gonzales
Bev Grant
Judy Greene
Doris Gruebel
Terri Harrison
Tommy Hauer
Veronika Hauer
kristina Haynes
Scott Herman
Pat Hermann
Bobbi Hirschkoff
Gene Hirschkoff
Heather Hirschkoff
Joel Hirschkoff
Donna Huchel
Jeanette Jacknin
Bette Johnson
Anne Justice
Heidi Keller-Lapp
Lorraine Kelly
Michael Kelly
Linda Kennedy
Margaret King
Bernice Klein
Sharon Klein
Donna Kleinpeter
Hedy Kleinsorge
Fran Knapp
Anna Kossoff
Stanley Kossoff
Gaile Kraus
Anna Krones
Karen Krugman
June Kubli
Mona Kuczenski
Ron Kuczenski
Kathleen Kuhn
Theresa Lai
John Lapp
Yvonne Lazar
Deborah Le Bel
Judith Levin
Stan Levin
Linda Levine
Peter Levine
Julie Leyden
Barbie Lorentz
Carol Lovercio
Gina Lubrano
Nicole Lustig
Jerry Malamud
Judie Malamud
Bernardine Maloney
Stacy Mann
Carmen Mannarino
Kathleen Marre
Richanne Martinez
Amaris Mathews
Brenda Mathews
Patricia McCabe
Ann McDonald
Mary McDonald
Sue McDonough
Arielle Meizen
Ellen Michaels
Marilyn Michaels
Bernadette Morgan
Shirley Moscevsky
Maria Moujaes
Collette Murphy Stefanko
Marillynn Nemeroff
Rhoda Nevins
Rosemary Norling
Jean Oakes
Paula Park
Jan Parsons
Marion Pasas
Nona Paul
Suzanne Pirtle
Ellen Pleickhardt
Donna Porter
Jan Price-Silverstein
Carol Putnam McGrath
Jennette Pyne
Nancy Queen
Judy Quinton
Daniella Marie Ramos
Paula Ries
Carole Riley
Ellen Riley
Marnie Ring
Sharon Rogers
Sara Rosen
Ronnie Rossman
Carol Rothenberg
Shareen Salgado
Leslie Satz
Sue Ann Scheck
Judy Schreiber
Carol Schultz
James Scott
Toby Shafer
Jerry Sharrin
Enid Sherman
Mark Sherman
Shirley Siewert
Elisabeth Smith
Annie So
Marion So
Denise Stewart
Nancy Stoke
Barbara Storm
Chris Straton
Steven Strebig
Merna Sturgis
Kevin Swanson
Ann Sykora
Inge Taylor
Thena Taylor
Shari Tessler
Stacey Thomas
Constance Thurston
Laurel Tobar
Judith (Judy) Turner
Julie Ustin
Marcy Van Stee
Ginger Van Zant
Dorothy Varonin
Susan Vergne
Megan Walker
Nancy Waters
Susan Weekes
Yalin Wei
Marina Weiser
Sharon Weremiuk
Tonya Williams
Joan Winokur
Peter Winokur
Linda Wittmer
Paul Wultz
Yvonne Wultz
Cat Xander
Edward Yankner
Dorit Yates
Doris Yorysh
Usher with Us

Usher with us and experience our award-winning performances!

As an usher you aid the House Manager and the Assistant House Manager in providing excellent customer service to our patrons.

How to be a Playhouse Usher:

  • Volunteer ushers are required to be at least 18 years old.
  • Attend usher trainings, done prior to every performance.
  • Be prepared and able to stand for pre-show, intermission and during the show (if no seats are available).
  • Wear a white shirt, black jacket, black pants or skirt and closed-toed shoes without heels.
  • Enforce Playhouse policies and assist during emergencies.

Volunteers will need to pay for parking ($3.00) during weeknights.

Contact the House Manager at [email protected] or by phone at (858) 550-1070 x149.

Join the Playhouse Leadership Council

PLC group photo

Are you a leader in your community?

Join our Playhouse Leadership Council (PLC) and connect with other leaders in the San Diego community!

The Playhouse Leadership Council is a cross-cultural partnership of community leaders, whose mission is to:

  • Create a welcoming and inclusive environment
  • Act as ambassadors for La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego
  • Build and nurture relationships with new audiences

Work with us.

Members should attend scheduled meetings including the private artistic chat scheduled prior to each production. Council members work directly in the community to increase awareness of theatre and to help overcome geographic, economic and perceptive barriers.

Have fun with us!

PLC members are invited to a preview performance of each production and are often extended invitations to Playhouse special events and discounted offers. Through your involvement in PLC you are enriching and enhancing the lives of fellow San Diegans.

Are You Interested In Joining PLC?

Email [email protected] and tell us why you’d like to join!

Intern at the Playhouse

The La Jolla Playhouse Internship Program offers an exciting opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to gain professional experience by working side-by-side with extraordinary artists, administrators and technicians.

» Click here to learn more about internships

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