Listen With The Lights Off

A Radio Horrorshow

Listen With The Lights Off

Produced by So Say We All
Adapted from So Say We All’s literary horror anthologies Black Candies

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A La Jolla Playhouse Commission

Three installments featuring multiple stories are now playing.







About the Project

This frightening series of October-appropriate radio plays has been created in collaboration with the San Diego-based literary and performing arts nonprofit organization So Say We All. Intelligent, original and unsettling, this new take on the radio drama features stories from diverse writers who will have listeners on the edge of their seats. Twisted up in paranoia, magical realism, ghosts, monsters, sibling rivalry, and even earth death, Listen With The Lights Off takes patrons to wholly unexpected worlds – sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing, but always memorable, and eerily plausible. These fictional short plays, adapted from So Say We All’s literary horror anthologies Black Candies, will be brought to audio reality to make sure Halloween thrives, even during quarantine.

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So Say We All logoSo Say We All is a 501c3 non-profit literary and performing arts organization whose mission is to help people tell their stories, and tell them better, through creating performance opportunities, educational offerings, and accessible media forums. To learn more, please visit

Episode Details

Episode 1
This is a Ghost Story
By Juliet Escoria
Starring Salomon Maya, Rhianna Basore
Directed by Cambria Herrera
Today We Go To Noah’s Ark – by Kayla Miller
Starring Yolanda Marie Franklin
Directed by Jennifer D. Corley and Justin Hudnall

Episode 2
Slow Waves
By Sarah Jean Alexander
Starring Alyssa Anne Austin, Salomon Maya
Directed by Jennifer D. Corley and Justin Hudnall
Welcome Back
By Jay Wertzler
Starring Patrick Mayuyu
Directed by Cambria Herrera

Episode 3
By Cait Cole
Starring Savanna Padilla, Sam DiSalvo, Rhiana Basore, Dallas McLaughlin, Dianne Yvette, Victor Morris
Directed by Yolanda Franklin
The Swimming Lesson
By Dave Maass
Starring Monique Gaffney, Thomas Morrison
Directed by Melissa Coleman-Reed

Scoring and SFX for all episodes: Scott Paulson
Intro theme: Kurt Kohnen of AM/FM Music
Outro theme: Daniel Schraer

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