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Event Series Folding Futures

Folding Futures

Design and Innovation Building 9510 Innovation Lane, La Jolla

See the strange and change the future as a Time Tourist to the year 2064. Make first contact and leave your mark on the world of Cascadia – but watch out, you're not the only one traveling through time!

Event Series INERTIA


La Jolla Playhouse, Seuss One 2910 La Jolla Village Dr, La Jolla

A group of people explore the fabric of what theatre is, why art is made, and how we are sharing a communal story.

Event Series iykyk


Che Café 3035 Theatre District Drive, La Jolla

Step into the world of youth and rebellion at the Che Café for nine original performances and a kaleidecope of experiences. iykyk is about choice. What will you choose?