This fascinating piece transforms a crowd of spectators into a problem-solving collective.

Due to a delay in processing international work visas, we are no longer able to present the performance C’est Pas La, C’est Par La. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This fascinating piece transforms a crowd of spectators into a problem-solving collective. Audience members each hold sections of the intricate string installation, creating a puzzle for a group of people, where the awareness of another becomes more and more indispensable. How does the crowd move? Does one move differently when alone, from when being amongst a crowd? What determines the “we”? What is an individual within a group? At the point of departure, there is a stone. With the stone, there is a string. It is rolled up, tangled and we untangle it. We move about, avoiding collision, negotiating our way we find our place, creating something which surpasses the sum of individuals.


is a young company, driven by South Korean artist Juhyung Lee. Struck by the ability of the street arts to transfigure symbolic places to reinvest them in an emancipatory joy Juhyung Lee is interested in the concepts underlying large-scale shows: the address to a multitude of spectators, the scale of relationships in the city, the place of the individual within a group. The political dimension of his work is in the way he involves the public, solicited to accomplish simple actions: share a cake, unravel a giant skein. They offer spectacular and surprising devices, with an impulse for participatory action, while at the same time they reveal a symbolic significance. C’est Pas La, C’est Par La has played fifty times in numerous festivals in France and internationally (10 countries), and has received support for its tours from ONDA, the French Institute and the French consulate of New-York.



FRI: 8:45 pm
SAT: 8:45 pm

Approx. Run Time

45 minutes


South Promenade Lawn

ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station – MAP


Dress warmly for evening.

Patron Notes

Interactive show. Audience members will be guided around performance space. Free events are open entry.