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CLICK HERE to begin your GLACIAL INCANTATIONS experience at WOW Festival 2023

GLACIAL INCANTATIONS is an immersive modern rendering of the ninth labor of Herakles in which King Eurystheus ordered Herakles to bring him the magical belt of Hippolyte. In this piece, Hippolyte is the Thwaites Glacier, which is “dying” because of a “belt” of warm, salinated, water around the area where floating ice meets ground ice underneath the glacier — experienced by audiences through the use ASMR recordings and augmented reality visuals. Participants will require a smartphone and earbuds.

Patron Notes

Participants will require earbuds and smartphone to access the augmented reality visuals. Participants can join anytime. No reservation needed.
Approx Run Time
30 mins


Self-Guided @ Rady Shell
222 Marina Park Way
San Diego, CA 92101 United States