PORTALS – Interactive Connected Trees

Matan Berkowitz

This interactive art installation turns trees into portals of nonverbal communication. When one of the trees is touched, it starts “charging up” with light and sound. Once the first tree is fully charged, it wirelessly triggers the second tree, bringing it to life. When the second tree is also touched, and for as long as both of them are activated, the trees reach a “Nirvana” state together – bridging two different locations and establishing communication between the people around them.

Matan Berkowitz

lives in the nexus of art, technology and positive impact. His award-winning inventions translate physical signals (such as brainwaves, heartbeats and movements) into music, turn everyday objects into instruments and have been displayed at museums, galleries, events and stages worldwide. Matan regularly speaks and performs for the likes of TED, Google, Microsoft, and Forbes. His presentations often combine live musical demos of his inventions, while his unique workshops focus on Rapid Innovation – turning ideas into reality quickly and effectively, without relying on technology. As the founder of Shift, a company which specializes in impact-driven innovation, Matan co-developed solutions for people with disabilities: enabling paralyzed, amputee, blind and autistic musicians to express themselves in new ways. His latest projects include a motion-controlled instrument which makes playing music easier than ever before, a tongue-operated device that acts as a platform of accessibility and rehabilitation for the severely disabled, and an international art installation connecting different cities in the world via a network of interactive trees. Featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list of most promising young Israelis in science & technology, Matan is an ROI Community member and an alumnus of The Generational Ambassadors Program (MIT & Harvard) and University of Pennsylvania’s Social Global Impact House.

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Active after sunset until 10:00 pm

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North Promenade

ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station – MAP

Patron Notes

All ages.
Non-verbal experience.
Trees are located on a lawn.

Free events are open entry.