We're Looking for a Few (Honestly, Really Freaking Great) Volunteers

Whether it's as a Greeter, an Audience Guide or a Party-Hype Man, as a volunteer you’ll be on the front lines of the WOW revolution taking over the city. (Oh, and you’ll get a cool shirt).

Find the volunteer opportunity that best suits you below and sign up!

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Guest Services

Greeter/Directional Assistance: Greeters will be stationed in high traffic areas around the various Festival locations and will provide directional assistance to guests, as well as answer general Festival questions. A moderate amount of walking will be required for this position in some locations.

Ushers: Ushers will greet and assist patrons as they enter performances. Due to the multiple locations of the Festival, ushers will often assist Greeters in providing directional assistance to patrons. A downright cheerful disposition is required for this position.

Venue Services

Volunteer Check-in: Help us help more of you! Work with La Jolla Playhouse staff to check in other volunteers for their shifts, orientate them to the Festival, and provide assignment clarification. Requires a detail-oriented, strong communicator.

Festival Runner: Are you up for anything? Festival Runners will work alongside La Jolla Playhouse staff to fill in wherever they are most needed. This position reports to the Venue Coordinator and will be required to walk, lift and carry things.

Show-Specific Volunteers

Entourage (Shasta Geaux Pop): Are you always ready to party? Do you have a knack for getting others in to party mode? Then you are just the person we are looking for. These volunteer positions will help Shasta get her 90’s party started off right. Be ready to dance, cheer, clap, hoot and holler, and get others pumped to do the same. A great attitude and lots of energy required. Must be available for dress rehearsal (Thursday afternoon?) and all 3 performances?

Instruction Guide (Quiet Volume): If “detail oriented” and “people person” are key phases on your resume, then this volunteer position is for you! For Quiet Volume, the audience must follow specific instructions for the self-generated performance. This requires a Volunteer Guide who can clearly and precisely articulate to the patrons everything they need to know prior to entering the performance. Type-A all the way! Must be available for training session and at least 2 sessions.

Audience Guide (Among Us): Enjoy long walks at sunset? There is a volunteer position for you! Among Us, an audio-theater experience needs your help as it navigates participants through the streets of downtown San Diego. Audience Guides will ensure that the patrons stay together and stay on course throughout the traveling performance. Audience Guides will also be in charge of handing out and collecting the audio equipment the patrons will need for this performance. Ability to walk up to a mile is required for this position.

Performance Announcer (Super Night Shot): Channel your inner Rod Roddy and invite the Super Night Shot audience to welcome Gob Squad as they come on down!! The Performance Announcer will make an announcement that the performers are on their way, and prepare them for the “hero's welcome”. This volunteer must be outgoing and energetic, and be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. Must be available for dress rehearsal (Wednesday evening) and all 3 performances.

Festival Locations

  • Horton Plaza Park
  • New Children's Museum
  • Central Library
  • Bread & Salt
  • Border X Brewing

If you are interested in being a WOW Festival Volunteer, please sign up at https://formspring-xpeow.formstack.com/forms/wow_volunteer_search