The city takes center stage from October 19 – 22 in vibrant, interactive experiences from the San Diego waterfront to greater Logan Heights.

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October 2017

Super Night Shot

Gob Squad Arts Collective

San Diego city streets serve as a film set for a fantastical mission full of unexpected surprises as the public become co-stars in this riveting multi-screen piece

The Quiet Volume

Ant Hampton and Tim Etchells

Recorded instructions and a stack of carefully selected books direct patrons through this self-generated performance for 2

Shasta Geaux Pop

Ayesha Jordan and Charlotte Brathwaite

Completely uncensored and outrageously fabulous, Shasta tackles naughty topics and pays sonic homage to the classic era of Hip-Hop in her basement get-down party

4x4 TJ Night

Curated by Lux Boreal Dance Company

Six explosive dance performances from both sides of the border set on a 4 foot by 4 foot stage

Under Construction

Sledgehammer Theatre

A theatrical collage of America today – then and now, red states and blue states – a piece that is, like America, permanently under construction


Yehuda Duenyas

A virtual reality experience that puts you center stage in a beautiful theater for your final curtain call

And Then You Wait

Lily Padilla, Dylan Key and John Burnett

An audio installation in a grain silo that will get close and talk to you in the dark


Max Daily

Oslo's Sardine Bar. Come for the freshly canned fish and stay for the artworks and spontaneous performances

INCOMING: Sex, Drugs and Copenhagen

So Say We All

True stories from the lives of America's military are told in their own words, straight from their own mouths, uncensored

Model Home

Mimi Lien

An urban performative intervention in downtown San Diego, anchored by a construction crane hoisting a brightly colored, archetypal house, high in the air

Among Us

Marike Splint

An audio-theater experience that navigates participants through the streets of downtown San Diego, exploring the tension between our desire to belong, and our desire to be free

Faetopia: A Faerie Flash Mob

Basil Twist

This celebration of the art of Marionette puppetry will delight children and adults alike in a stunning, spontaneous faerie flash mob

The Quest 3.0

La Jolla Playhouse/The New Children's Museum

An interactive family adventure that challenges participants to gather clues as they embark on a great journey in order to discover a surprising truth

WOW for Families

Got kids? We can WOW them

The Festival offers numerous family-friendly experiences for young art audiences. Best of all – many of these events are free

Waking La Llorona

David Reynoso / Optika Moderna

A multisensory, individual experience inspired by one of Mexico’s most legendary tales

Festival Club

WOW Festival

Bread and Salt becomes a pop-up festival club, the perfect place to hang out with artists, audience members and visitors

In Plain Site

Trisha Brown Dance Company

This site-specific work created for the UC San Diego campus adapts some of the acclaimed late choreographer Trisha Brown's signature works

Free Events

WOW Festival

A list of free performances, tours, artist talk-backs and workshops at the WOW Festival

Location Partners

WOW Festival

Learn more about our Location Partners: Border X Brewing, Bread & Salt, Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, San Diego Public Library, The New Children’s Museum, Horton Plaza Park, and ArtPower